London Unlimited

The UK's first Independent Internet Radio station 1996 -2002

London Calling!

London Unlimited was the UK’s first independent online radio station. Launched in 1995 as London Calling, this pioneering radio station showcased unsigned bands and artists from the greater London area.


Before the term 'Podcast' was ever spoken of, this 'on-demand' radio station helped pave the way for a new wave of independent broadcasters. Run by mavericks, listened to by thousands, and championing the best up & coming UK bands, this was the story of London Unlimited.

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Award winning start-up

Simon Hardeman's 'Gagging For London' won the prestigious RadioJock 1998 Award for listener's favourite online radio show.

Roll-call of honour...

London Unlimited had a small team of pioneering web DJ's: Simon, Tas, Mark, Danny, DD Grace, Estelle, Spike & Jezz - all with their own unique style and genre of music. Shows were uploaded weekly. 

The Headlines

London Unlimited features as one of the best Internet Radio stations in the world!

As the world wobbles, they decide to go for a public float on AIM

Investors back Big Broadband (Londonun Ltd.)

As 9/11 wreaks havoc on the world's markets - it's the end of the road for those that helped build the internet's radio highway

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Radio that was laugh-out-loud with the finest tunes from London's greatest unsigned bands & artists.

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